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What is AvenueCX?

We are a boutique Content Strategy consultancy based in the Boston-Metro area. We work with global brands to improve their content solutions: Enterprise content challenges, global B2B and ecommerce websites, enterprise taxonomies that help power federated search, and omnichannel personalization within Fortune 500 companies. Whether it is AI-generated content for self-service or customer journey optimization, we can help. 

Stylized Image: Royal typewriter with Cyrillic keys.

Our Philosophy

Enhancing the Customer Content Experience 

At AvenueCX, our work strengthens the impact of content for a brand and contributes to better customer experiences and improved financial success. How do we define successful content? It is content that helps your consumers—internal and external—make decisions and fulfill their needs, which completes business objectives in an impactful manner.

Successful content: 

  • Makes your customers happy;  
  • Builds loyal relationships with your brand; and
  • Creates profit.

The AvenueCX Content Strategy Framework encompasses and leverages four key areas: 

  • Understanding your customers or users, their needs, and how this structures your business goals. 
  • Creating content that speaks to your audience, including data structures that support personalization and omnichannel. 
  • Developing the necessary operational models to support ongoing content maintenance, development, and measurement. 
  • Leveraging or purchasing systems that facilitate content production, content delivery, and the capture of associated metrics. 

AvenueCX helps you take your content to the next level where success is the standard outcome. 

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