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Our Mission

We help organizations control and realize the value of their content across their entire enterprise. We do this by understanding their content, advocating for realistic solutions, and evaluating those implemented solutions over time.

Stylized Image: Kodak folding camera.

Core Values


We believe in the value of what we are doing. We keep our word. We know that we thrive when we are honest and open with each other. We know we improve both our and others’ work when we are transparent about our thinking, our process, and our feedback. We expect that all interactions show mutual respect and professionalism.


Collaboration forms the cornerstone of our relationships, internally and externally. We require it in all our efforts; we see ourselves not as a separate entity but as part of a team collaborating with you.


Our brand’s promise is predicated upon content as an asset that contributes to improved financial performance. Actionable accountability is key. That being the case, our solutions and content strategies are performance driven.


We started AvenueCX with the idea of having a lasting and positive impact on ourselves, the people we employ, those we work with, and the world around us. Put another way, we want our solutions to make an impact on our clients, our interactions to make an impact on those with whom we work, and our company to make an impact on the community it serves. And we want our clients to succeed in each of those areas as well to improve their relationships with their customers.


This concept applies to us, our employees, and our clients. We want everyone who is touched by AvenueCX to be put on a path that leads to achieving their higher goals.


We know that the most creative and innovative solutions grow out of diverse environments. We try to create an environment that adopts diversity in all its manifestations, embraces creativity, and fosters innovation in the best possible ways.

Learn How Your Content Can Improve Your Customer Experience & Your Brand.

We will help you ensure that all content, regardless of channel, can prove its worth as an asset to your customers and for your business. We will guide you in the creation of a customer-focused, results-driven framework that contains realistic objectives, operational modeling, and performance monitoring. We will set you, your content, and your customers up for continual success.