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Measure & Evaluate Phase

During Measure & Evaluate, we look at a variety of inputs, from user research, personas, cross-channel user journeys, and segmentation models to metrics and industry insights. We look at the original benchmarks, business goals, and objectives and identify which areas of your content can be improved. We can create realistic and actionable dashboards to reflect content performance to assist decision makers. We also look at internal operational performance data.

Stylized Image: S Mordan and Co. postage scale.

Key Deliverables for Measure and Evaluate Phase

Metrics & Analytics Recommendations

  • What is it? Documentation of our recommendations for KPI and analytics to allow performance measurement. A performance model also defines what other inputs for data and metrics are necessary, such as user inputs, research, and insights, to measure your performance qualitatively and quantitatively. This recommendation guide creates a method and a closed-loop model, such as quarterly performance reviews, to do so.
  • Why are we doing it? It provides a blueprint to measure the performance of your customer content experiences, and to inform future content decisions and planning around data and evolving industry and audience trends.
  • How can it be used? As an input into your Govern plan and process, your content planning processes, and strategic planning. This model includes how to leverage your dashboards, or even identifies which dashboards will be necessary so that decision makers in your organization can understand how your content is performing. And we can help you design dashboards, if necessary.

Learn How Your Content Can Improve Your Customer Experience & Your Brand.

We will help you ensure that all content, regardless of channel, can prove its worth as an asset to your customers and for your business. We will guide you in the creation of a customer-focused, results-driven framework that contains realistic objectives, operational modeling, and performance monitoring. We will set you, your content, and your customers up for continual success.