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Explore Phase

During Explore, we discover the effectiveness, weaknesses, and opportunities within your existing content ecosystem. We explore content operations, your customer content experience, and the mechanisms you already have in place to control your content quality, or governance.

Stylized Image: Yashica Super 8 movie camera.
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Content Operations

In the question to enable a successful content experience, what does an effective operational model look like? How effective are the end-to-end mechanisms that create, maintain, and publish your content? Are there areas with inefficacies, gaps, or disconnects that cause content creation and production issues? Compromised content operations will impact your customer content experience.

Abstract representation of a customer content experience. Stylized in Midcentury Modern aesthetic.

Content Experience

What do your customers think of your content experience? Can they use it effectively? Do you provide a seamless experience from one channel to the next? Is all the content you produce worthy of your brand’s promise and mission?

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Content Governance

How effectively do you control the quality and impact of your content? Do you have processes and tools in place to ensure your content is on brand, able to evolve consistently with your customer’s needs? We help you uncover what you need in your current governance structures—tools, standards, and governance models—to stand all content within your organization up for success.

Key Deliverables for Explore Phase

Stakeholder Interview Sessions

  • What is it? A facilitated discussion with key people who have a personal stake in your content to uncover opportunities, issues, strengths, and business and customer priorities regarding your content; questions are provided in advance.
  • Why do we do it? It provides insight on your business goals, current-state content ecosystem, including content requirements, gaps and issues, redundancies, and future-state opportunities.
  • How is it used? To inform the content strategy framework and future-state roadmap; identify short-term and longer-term opportunities and understand different perspectives within the organization on the role and importance of content.

Content Inventory and Audit

  • What is it? A tool that captures content in its current state and identifies issues, gaps, and future opportunities. This information could include a source of truth, catalogued and classified content living within multiple systems, and a list of content types. Quantitative assessment in the audit is based on criteria that may include content objectives, SEO, and other variables.
  • Why do we do it? To assess the current volume and scope of your content, while assessing its quality and effectiveness.
  • How will we use it? To inform the content strategy framework, recommendations, and roadmap. Most importantly, it will inform the content model for your future content solutions. This work may include analysis that finds out the redundant, outdated, and trivial (ROT) content, and advises you how to sunset it appropriately.

Social Insights Audit

  • What is it? An audit of your social ecosystem is like a content audit.
  • Why are we doing it? To uncover insights about your social target, brand, category, competitive set, influencers, and campaigns.
  • How will it be used? To inform the content strategy framework and future-state roadmap as well as social recommendations overall; to identify short-term and longer-term opportunities.

Competitive Content Experience Audit

  • What is it? An audit of your competitive landscape that shows which content your competitors leverage and how effective they are in doing so. Audit criteria, which we arrive at working you, informs the output, as does Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. This analysis will include three to four competitors, an industry outsider (outlier) company, and your company.
  • Why are we doing it? To uncover the weaknesses and strengths of your competitive landscape to help identify opportunities for your own content’s success.
  • How will it be used? To inform areas that you should focus on for future content decisions and planning.

Learn How Your Content Can Improve Your Customer Experience & Your Brand.

We will help you ensure that all content, regardless of channel, can prove its worth as an asset to your customers and for your business. We will guide you in the creation of a customer-focused, results-driven framework that contains realistic objectives, operational modeling, and performance monitoring. We will set you, your content, and your customers up for continual success.