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AvenueCX Insights

Unsurprisingly, we have a lot to say about content. Sometimes at conferences, where Rebecca Schneider often speaks about the wonders of taxonomy (yes, it is wonderful). Sometimes in podcasts, when Kevin Nichols covers just about anything to do with content in the All Things Content Podcast and with personalization on The Personalization Wrangler webinar series. You can find a wide array of insights here.

Stylized Image: Flewelling Counter Checker B. Electronic tube tester.
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All Things Content Podcasts

Listen to Kevin P Nichols’ All Things Content podcast, where we discuss anything from design fiction to augmented reality, narrative codes in film, storytelling in music, generative AI writing and art, and much, much more.

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Webinars and The Personalization Wrangler series

Watch Kevin and Rebecca present their latest thinking. Find all episodes of Kevin’s webinar series, The Personalization Wrangler.

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You will find visualizations of a customer journey, content strengths by customer touchpoint and omnichannel content strengths, and more.

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Our Publications

View a bibliography of recent publications that our team has written or to which we have contributed.