Stylized Image: Sawyer’s view-master.

Our Images

The story of the devices shown in the black and white photographs we use on our website is simple: We wanted to display our love of content from the 19th and 20th centuries and the devices that created it, communicated it, and measured it. As a labor of love, we searched out and photographed all sorts of vintage equipment.

Stylized Image: Sawyer’s view-master.

You may have noticed that our website features images of vintage technology. We chose this theme because each image:

  • Represents an item that communicates, creates, or stores content.
  • Underscores that many technologies have been around for decades, if not longer, though perhaps in a less sophisticated form.
  • Reminds us that content and issues related to content have been around for quite some time.

Part of our brand’s story is in how we acquired many of these images. We wanted a brand outlook for AvenueCX that considered not only today’s technology, but also looked back in history and what we could learn from the past. Images available from standard repositories did not fit the bill. So, we went to antique markets and searched for the devices you see on our website. As we found items— a stenotype machine, a Morse code key, etc.—we would purchase and photograph them.

And we are continuing our search. Click on the photos below to get more information on the antique and vintage technology we have photographed or obtained from open-source image repositories. Additional citation information is available for open-source images.

Photos (non-open source) by Rebecca Schneider and Mark-Joseph Yirrell.