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Govern Phase

During the Govern phase, we create models that will stand up all content within your organization for success, so that it remains on brand, aligned to customer needs and is measurable against its objectives. This effort can run parallel to the Organize or Implement phases. We assess what tools, standards, and organizational models are necessary to help you control and maintain the quality of your content. We look at what type of governance model is necessary for your organization. We will create a model, help you roll it out, and update any necessary tools for its effective execution.

Stylized Image: Weston Master II universal exposure meter.

Key Deliverables for Govern Phase

Governance Strategy and Model Recommendation

  • What is it? A framework that defines the components within your governance model, including a matrix and charter for content governance committees. We define what type of model your organization needs, including the decision-making process. We help you to standardize existing tools, templates, and standards within your organization that are critical for maintaining on-brand and successful content. And we help you identify missing processes and tools and produce an action plan to roll these out.
  • Why do we do it? It helps a brand to understand the necessary structures needed to maintain and optimize content. For example, do you require a strongly centralized model to determine all content decisions, or do you have a global brand that requires a more decentralized model, where regions identify and create their own standards?
  • How is it used? It provides the basis for creation of governance teams, including working groups, and identifies what standards and tools are necessary to enforce compliance. A strongly governed content ecosystem will ensure content meets customer needs, offers consistent voice and tone, and applies rigorous brand standards across all customer-facing content. Well governed content proves easier to manage and evaluate and elevates the quality of the customer experience.

Job Descriptions

  • What is it? The revision of existing or creation of the new job descriptions necessary to support newly identified roles within your content, marketing, or digital teams.
  • Why are we doing it? It helps you standardize the role and position for new hires and existing resources.
  • How can it be used? For hiring as well as for setting expectations around internal career performance and growth.

Learn How Your Content Can Improve Your Customer Experience & Your Brand.

We will help you ensure that all content, regardless of channel, can prove its worth as an asset to your customers and for your business. We will guide you in the creation of a customer-focused, results-driven framework that contains realistic objectives, operational modeling, and performance monitoring. We will set you, your content, and your customers up for continual success.