Stylized Image: Crosley American overseas radio.

Optimize Phase

During Optimize, we will help you put required changes into action. Here is where you realize the performance structure put in place in previous phases. Based on how your content performs, we help you determine where future content investments are necessary, what content you should keep as is and what content you should sunset. The phase will impact a variety of existing tools, for instance, you may find that you need to update your content calendar. We can also assess how your personalization efforts are performing, so you can make decisions for more effective personalization.

Stylized Image: Crosley American overseas radio.

Key Deliverables for Optimize Phase

Additional outputs of the Optimize phase may include:

  • Updates to your analytics and performance model
  • Updates to your content calendar
  • Updates to your personalization strategy
  • Updates to your cross-channel user journey content-mapping

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