Stylized image: EMU Rekord Junio 196 AM/FM Table Radio.

Content Platform Evaluation

Technology should support and enable excellent customer-facing content. It should not drive content decisions. We are a technology-agnostic company, and we will help you define your requirements, select the appropriate vendor, design the right workflows, and content models, and ensure an effective implementation and rollout.

Stylized image: EMU Rekord Junio 196 AM/FM Table Radio.

If you are searching for content platforms and services that will best serve to reach your objectives, AvenueCX has your back. We can help you identify the requirements, evaluate vendors, negotiate with vendors, and so forth. Our approach is nimble and eclectic, allowing us to address our clients’ unique needs and goals.

We have extensive experience with the following:

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Personalization Engines
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Tools, such as Adobe AEM and SiteCore
  • Componentized Content Management Systems (CCMS)
  • Headless Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Taxonomy Management Systems
  • Document Asset Management systems (DAM)
  • Analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics
  • Email Management tools

As we determine a client’s content platform needs, our steps include:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Compiling a short list of selected vendors
  • Writing the Request for Proposals (RFPs) and helping you score the results
  • Clarifying/Illustrating the different options and packages for you
  • Evaluating related technologies to identify the best vendor for a particular client’s specific needs.

We are technology-agnostic—we do not favor one technology, vendor, or solution over another in our decision-making process. We have worked, selected, and implemented several content management systems (CMS) and componentized content management system (CCMS) platforms, including Adobe AEM, Sitecore, and Ixiasoft. We understand the related technologies, such as e-commerce platforms, governance engines, personalization engines, dashboards, conversion tools, and analytics tools. We understand the unique needs of technical documentation and we are adept at product content authoring using the DITA XML schema.

Learn How Your Content Can Improve Your Customer Experience & Your Brand.

We will help you ensure that all content, regardless of channel, can prove its worth as an asset to your customers and for your business. We will guide you in the creation of a customer-focused, results-driven framework that contains realistic objectives, operational modeling, and performance monitoring. We will set you, your content, and your customers up for continual success.